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Text Language Japanese
Authors Riki Kudo, Motoi Iwata, Masakazu Iwamura, Koichi Kise
Title Proposal of Similar Image Retrieval System Using Large Scale Trademark Image Database
Journal 日本画像学会誌
Vol. 57
No. 4
Pages pp.403-412
Number of Pages 10 pages
Reviewed or not Reviewed
Month & Year August 2018
Abstract The trademark examination is a task of confirming whether there is a similar trademark within the registered trademarks. In this task, searchers narrow down the similar trademarks to be compared by using keyword search, and they make judgement visually. However, this process is labor intensive and it is unavoidable to miss some similar trademarks. In particular, visual similarity is the most fundamental which covers many cases. Thus, we consider that solving the above problem with respect to visual similarity is an important step towards full automation. The most important point is to reduce output of dissimilar trademarks while keeping similar trademarks in the output. In addition, the computational cost must be small enough. In this paper, we focus on image matching methods used for specific object recognition to fulfill the requirements. From the experimental evaluation using images and queries, we have obtained recall 100%, precision 62.5%, processing time 8.2[sec]. This indicates that the proposed method can reduce the workload of trademark examiners.
DOI 10.11370/isj.57.403
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