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Text Language Japanese
Authors Yoshio Furuya, Masakazu Iwamura, Koichi Kise, Shinichiro Omachi, Seiichi Uchida
Title Effect of Moving Decision Boundaries in Pattern Recognition with Supplementary Information—Experimental Examination of Using Quadratic Discriminant Function—
Journal IEICE Technical Report
Vol. 106
No. PRMU-301
Presentation number PRMU2006-113
Pages pp.53-38
Reviewed or not Not reviewed
Month & Year October 2006
Abstract Pattern recognition with supplementary information which differs from the conventional pattern recognition has been proposed. This framework is capable of decreasing error rates by using not only a pattern itself but also its supplementary information that assists recognition. In the previous report, we confirmed a better recognition rate is achievable by the shift of the decision boundaries from the Bayesian ones in the experiment using a character data set. However, it was not the strict proof of the existence of the achievability because the Bayesian decision boundaries are estimates. In this report, to confirm the achievability in the strict sense, we make use of the artificial samples following the normal distributions. This enables us to obtain the Bayesian decision boundaries precisely.
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