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Text Language Japanese
Authors Tomohiro Nakai, Koichi Kise, and Masakazu Iwamura
Title Real-Time Document Image Retrieval Based on Local Arrangements of Feature Points and Its Application to Augmented Reality
Journal IEICE Technical Report
Vol. 106
No. PRMU-229
Presentation number PRMU2006-66
Pages pp.41-48
Reviewed or not Not reviewed
Month & Year September 2006
Abstract In this report, we propose a method of real-time document image retrieval. It is a task of searching document images from the database based on query images captured by a web-camera. We have already proposed a method of document image retrieval based on local arrangements of feature points. Real-time document image retrieval is realized by applying the method to each frame captured by a web-camera. As an application of the real-time retrieval, we also propose a method of augmented reality for documents. This method is to superimpose relevant information onto the camera-captured image naturally by using the parameters of perspective transformation calculated as a subsidiary result of retrieval.
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