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Authors Hannah R. Nolasco, Andrew Vargo, Yusuke Komatsu, Motoi Iwata, Koichi Kise
Title Perception Versus Reality: How User Self-reflections Compare to Actual Data
Journal Interact 2023 (IFIP Conference on Human-Computer Interaction)
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Month & Year August 2023
Abstract One of the main promises of wearable sensing devices capable of physiological tracking is the potential that users can leverage the technology to make positive life changes. Now that these devices have sufficient accuracy, it is feasible that users could make decisions based on feedback from the device to change their habits and improve their well-being. A potential challenge to this, however, is whether users are able to recognize actual changes in their behavior compared to perceived changes. In this work, we look at participants who used the Oura ring as part of an in-the-wild study. Based on data analysis following 10?12 months of usage, we find that users who had positive perceptions of habit change towards sleep failed to show long-term improvement in their sleep quality, indicating a gap between perceived success and real-world impact. This work is important to informing the future design and implementation of health-tracking wearables.
DOI https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-031-42286-7_37
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