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Text Language English
Authors Manuel Landsmann,Olivier Augereau,Koichi Kise
Title Detecting reading based on eye movement analysis
Number of Pages 6 pages
Location 人工知能学会 先進的学習科学と工学研究会(ALST)
Reviewed or not Not reviewed
Month & Year July 2019
Abstract As, nowadays, eye trackers have become more accurate and affordable, their use also increased. One of their applied fields is the analysis of reading behavior. In laboratory settings, various traits of reading like engagement, or text difficulty could be shown. But, there is usually one unanswered question preventing their automatic application in daily life: when is somebody reading? We have developed a tool that uses eye gaze data to detect the period of reading. Our specific use case is the vocabulometer, a website for learning English by reading texts. We used supervised learning on data from nonnative English speakers to train decision trees on reading detection. With features based on vertical eye movement, an accuracy of 93.5% on detecting reading and 92.7% on detecting not reading could be achieved.
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