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Text Language Japanese
Authors Takanori Maruichi,Shoya Ishimaru,Olivier Augereau,Koichi Kise
Title 英単語問題解答時の確信判定システムの精度検証
Location 先進的学習科学と工学研究会
Reviewed or not Not reviewed
Month & Year July 2019
Abstract Feedback based on the combination of self-con dence and correctness of an answer canhelp learners identify misconceptions. In this study, we propose a self-con dence estimation methodto aid the development of a system for vocabulary learning. The proposed method is based onthe examination of eye movement and handwriting behaviors. To evaluate the performance of theproposed method, we examined the eye movement of 7 participants and the handwriting behaviorof 8 participants while completing English spelling tests. The results revealed that our methodwas able to classify self-con dence into two classes with 87% accuracy in the typing dataset and79% in the handwriting dataset.
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