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Text Language Japanese
Authors Yusuke MAEDA,Motoi IWATAy,Koichi KISEy
Title Depth Estimation of Panel Image for Stereoscopic Display of Comics
Series HCGシンポジウム2018
Presentation number B-5-3
Pages p.5
Location シンフォニアテクノロジー響ホール伊勢
Reviewed or not Not reviewed
Month & Year December 2018
Abstract A comic is read as electronic books using electronic terminals.Along with this,expressions and use that could not be done with paper media will be possible,but how to enjoy comic is the same as reading on paper medium.So,by adding new expressions to electronic comic books,it is possible to read comic more interestingly. We think about displaying comic in three dimensions.By placing objects in comic strips in 3D space, w e can make them more realistic.Then we estimated the depth of the object in the comic panel.
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