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Authors Shoya Ishimaru, Koichi Kise
Title Quantifying the Mental State on the Basis of Physical and Social Activities
Journal Proc. of WAHM: 2nd Workshop on Ubiquitous Technologies to Augment the Human Mind: Towards the Knowledge Log
Pages pp.1217-1220
Location Osaka, Japan
Reviewed or not Reviewed
Presentation type Oral
Month & Year September 2015
Abstract We demonstrate the idea of "Thermometer for the Mind": the mental state estimating system by a user’s activity log derived from wearable devices. While it is well known that physical and social activities are correlated with the mental state, our aim is to build an application which tracks daily activities automatically, estimates the mental state and visualizes it in an easily understandable way. As a preliminary experiment, we investigated how information about physical activity from a smartphone (step counts) and social activity from a Web service (Twitter post counts) can be used to estimate a user’s mental state. The method is evaluated on one participant’s 5 months recording. The classification accuracy for 3 classes (mood is low, middle and high) is 60%.
DOI 10.1145/2800835.2807934
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