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Text Language Japanese
Authors Motoi Iwata,Kenta Eguchi,Koichi Kise
Title Digital Watermarking Method Preventing Extraction Error Caused by Transformation from Uniform Color Space to RGB Color Space
Journal Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan
Vol. 54
No. 4
Pages pp.284-291
Reviewed or not Reviewed
Month & Year August 2015
Abstract Uniform color space is a color space matching with human visual system.Therefore many digital watermarking method employed it.However, watermark bits are not always correctly extracted if the RGB values transformed from uniform color space are adjusted to integer values by rounded-up although this procedure is often employed.It is because the transformation from uniform color space to RGB color space is non-linear.The proposed method solves this problem by using color transformation table.Moreover, the proposed method improves processing speed by changing search procedure and dividing color transformation table appropriately.Experimental results clarify the problem of existing methods and the performance of the proposed method.
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