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Text Language Japanese
Authors Akira Horimatsu, Masakazu Iwamura, and Koichi Kise
Title Fast Affine Invariant Character Recognition Using Unique Determination of Feature Points
Journal Trans. IEICE
Vol. J98-D
No. 4
Pages pp.651-660
Reviewed or not Reviewed
Month & Year April 2015
Abstract Scene text captured with a digital camera or a smartphone suffers from various degradation. Thus, it is desired that a character recognition technique is robust to the degradation. In this paper, we focus on perspective distortion and propose a character recognition method that is fast, invariant to affine distortion and free from layout constraint. For affine invariant matching, geometric hashing is a well-known method for object recognition. However, it is computationally too expensive. Thus, we propose a method to greatly reduce the computational cost.
DOI 10.14923/transinfj.2014IUP0016
URL http://search.ieice.org/bin/summary.php?id=j98-d_4_651
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