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Text Language Japanese
Authors Takuya Kobayashi, Masakazu Iwamura, Koichi Kise
Title Recognition of Characters in Scenes by Using Geometric Contexts of Local Features
Journal IEICE Technical Report
Vol. 110
No. 467
Presentation number PRMU2010-275
Pages pp.223-228
Location 茨城県つくば市
Reviewed or not Not reviewed
Presentation type Oral
Month & Year March 2011
Abstract If you can get useful information from a character image in scene you take with your camera, all you have to do is release the shutter and you can save time. In order to realize such a system, we have to propose a character recognition system such that it can correctly find the character area from the scene image and recognize it. In this paper, we propose two methods to achieve it, which consider geometric contexts of local features. We had a utmost 84.3% recall and 97.0% precision in character recognition experiments we had.
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