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Text Language Japanese
Authors Masakazu IWAMURA, Tomohiko TSUJI, Koichi KISE
Title Real-Time Case-Based Recognition of Camera-Captured Characters
Journal IEICE Technical Report
Vol. 109
No. 418
Presentation number PRMU2009-222
Pages pp.87-92
Reviewed or not Not reviewed
Month & Year February 2010
Abstract In this paper, in the recognition problem of camera-captured characters, we present how to realize quickand precise recognition using a lot of case examples stored in a database. To be more precise, we introduce our fastand robust approximate nearest neighbor search method, originally designed for speci c object recognition, to ourreal-time camera-based character recognition method. In the experiments using a database storing 100 fonts, wecon rmed that the proposed method achieved high performance in both recognition rate and processing time.
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