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Text Language Japanese
Authors Tomohiko TSUJI, Masakazu IWAMURA, Koichi KISE
Title A Camera-Based Information Acquisition System Using a Technique of Real-Time Word Recognition
Journal IEICE Technical Report
Vol. 109
No. 418
Presentation number PRMU2009-216
Pages pp.51-56
Reviewed or not Not reviewed
Month & Year February 2010
Abstract In order to realize a comfortable user interface, rapid response and intuitive operation are required. Thecamera-based character recognition method where we have already proposed has some advantages, which are readyfor real-time processing, robust to perspective distortion, and free from layout constraints of documents. We thinkthat there is a possibility to realize a new interactive interface by applying it. In this paper, we propose a systemwhich recognizes characters captured with a camera and offers related information. We demonstrate a system whichworks on a laptop PC in real-time. Since it needs a process that recognizes words from characters recognized separately,we propose an effective word recognition method for the system. Our proposed method achieved to recognizeabout 42 words per second on a server.
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