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Text Language Japanese
Authors Hiroshi MIKI, Atsuhiro KOJIMA, and Koichi KISE
Title Object Recognition Based on n-gram Representation of Human Action
Journal IEICE Technical Report
Presentation number PRMU2009-128
Pages pp.253-258
Reviewed or not Not reviewed
Month & Year November 2009
Abstract In the field of object recognition, usage of human actions is applied to it, in order to tackle with the recongition of object that couldn’t be identified by only using their appearance. Most of the conventional research for object recongition from actions, however, need an intermidiate classification of action category. In our research, primitive motions of human are directly apply to object recongition without classifying action categories. First, features of human motion are extracted from video images and encoded to symbols. Then, set of n-grams is obtained from the symbol sequence and registered to corresponding object category. At recognition phases, actions toward an object are also converted into n-grams which are to be compared with that registered in object categories. In this paper, we performed experiments of object recognition using our methods and confirmed the validity of this.
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