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Text Language Japanese
Authors Katsufumi Inoue,Koichi Kise
Title Experimental Investigation of the Performance of a Specific Object Recognition Method with the Bloomier Filter
Journal IEICE Technical Report
Presentation number PRMU2009-109
Pages pp.115-120
Reviewed or not Not reviewed
Month & Year November 2009
Abstract Specific object recongnition based on local feature vectors requires a huge amount of memory to store all feature vectors. To solve this problem, we propose a memory reduction method with the Bloomier filter and show the its efficiency method for memory reduction in the previous paper. However, it is still unclear how efficient the proposed method is in comparison with conventional methods. In this report, we compare the efficiency of the proposed method with that of the method which is based on ``bag-of-features" model. From the experiment with 10,000 planar objects, the proposed method allows us 1/7 required memory to obtain the same recognition rate compared with the conventional method. Additionally, in this report, we analyze experimentally the relationship between the recognition criteria with the proposed method and recognition accuracy.
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