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Text Language Japanese
Authors Seiichi Uchida, Katsuhiro Ito, Masakazu Iwamura, Shinichiro Omachi, and Koichi Kise
Title Reconstruction of Handwritings via Pen-Tip Camera Images
Journal Trans. IEICE
Vol. J93-D
No. 1
Pages pp.64-67
Reviewed or not Reviewed
Month & Year January 2010
Abstract This paper shows experimentally that a handwriting pattern on a paper sheet can be reconstructed from a frame image sequence captured from a pen-tip camera. The reconstruction is done by a video-mosaicing technique where precise structure of paper surface, called paper fingerprint, is fully utilized for estimating camera movement, i.e., pen movement.
URL http://search.ieice.org/bin/summary.php?id=j93-d_1_64
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