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Text Language Japanese
Authors Shinichiro OMACHI, Masakazu IWAMURA, Seiichi UCHIDA, and Koichi KISE
Title Area Ratio as Supplementary Information for Camera-Based Character Recognition
Journal IEICE Technical Report
Vol. 105
No. PRMU-615
Presentation number PRMU2005-213
Pages pp.67-72
Reviewed or not Not reviewed
Month & Year February 2006
Abstract In order to achieve a highly accurate recognition of characters in a scene image with a digital camera, there are some attempts on offering supplementary information for recognition with a character image. The information should be robust against geometric distortions since an image taken by a digital camera is usually geometrically distorted. In this paper, we propose a method of embedding information in a character pattern by designing a character pattern in two colors so that the information is embedded as the area ratio of the two colors. It is expected that the area ratio is correctly extracted even if the character pattern is affine-transformed since the area ratio is affine invariant. We evaluate generated character patterns with the embedded information and discuss the effectiveness of the proposed method.
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